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Elsa Carenbauer

CompanyNo Bones Left
Category Graphic Design
Project Description

As the country is reopening, we need to be able to communicate to one another while still maintaining safe practices.

What I am proposing is a standard of signage to communicate new rules, such as mask requirements and social distancing practices.

These resources would be available for free to businesses, removing the need to hire a design team or take time away from operations. Many of the materials would only require for them to pay for printing. A business would have the choice to ask a printer to customize materials to branded colors or do it themselves if they have the ability.

Creating consistent materials for businesses to display will make it easy for consumers to understand requirements, get essential information, and either enter a business or place orders quickly and efficiently. In addition, having a recognizable system in place could help calm people?s fears of returning to stores/restaurants and support their local businesses. They would be able to learn a format of how to get the contact information needed, how to stand in line, and whether a business is open or not - removing an anxiety of not understanding how to abide by rules in these new situations. Should the country return to a similar situation in the fall, businesses and consumers can be prepared for what is to come.

These loose sketches show the needs I have seen in Denver thus far. They could easily be fine tuned and expanded upon to meet new needs as they arise.