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Annalisa Raho

CompanyAnnalisa Raho Design
Category Graphic Design
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Project Description

The Covid-19 project follows two streams: one is personal and one is public, and both are devoted to spreading awareness of the virus and its consequences.
My work is inspired by?and responds to?two contemporary visual communicators: Mona Chalabi and Giorgia Lupi.
Mona Chalabi and her peculiar way to deliver information with a thin line of irony and a sort of impudence make us reflect and deepen our knowledge on social issues such as now the impact of Covid-19 on our lives. Her way to represent data and reality is ingeniously simple and tremendously effective. Her audience walks away with acquired knowledge, which could result in an alteration of actions; this is design for social change.
?Dear Data? by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec is a year-long voyage in the intimate life of two award-winning information designers. The data are collected weekly and delivered in a na?ve format of postcards. The daily life is exposed to the public and the data physically travel overcoming the Atlantic: are people reading them during their voyage? Are they affected by them?

The aim of my project is twofold: deliver information about the Covid-19 and connect to the audience through my personal experience.
Covid-19 is changing people social behaviour and social distancing is essential. But the risk is to become single individuals trying to safeguard themselves, instead of a community collaborating to overcome this crisis.
Showing the different aspects of the virus in an accessible way changes people?s approach to it, and possibly also people reaction and actions.
Communication through personal experience, on the other hand, takes us all back to our human condition. We need each other, we share conditions, concerns, issues and efforts. Together we are stronger, together we can find solutions and cope with the essence of our human existence.