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Kam Yat HUI

CompanySKYHUI Works & Creations
CreditsKam Yat HUI (SKYHUI)
Category Fashion Design
Project Description

Anti-bacterial or viral prevention technology becomes an important matter to protect our health from pandemic. We have learned that face mask can protect ourselves from bacterial or virtual carriers.

However, the demand and supply are not balance, and the standard of quality control is not stable.

Self-Cleaning Tech Bandana is the answer. The Photo-Catalysis Technology developed in Hong Kong, this awarded technology, I will apply to my design bandana.

The technology can automatically kill bacteria and germ. It designed to protect all users at all times. The nano-coating with water-repelling function react with UV light as sunlight, LED, light bulb...etc.

It can damage the cell of germ or bacteria, then break the whole body and become a new form of O2, CO2, H2O...etc then.

If there are any virus substances into the air and attached in or outside of the bacteria which will be combined into the new forms and the function of water-repelling, scarf or bandana can get rid of H2O, etc. It is good wearable protection for all-weather purpose hygiene guard for you.

The material of the scarf and bandana, I (SKYHUI) will provide several choices to you including chiffon, silk, and cotton mix. The design works created by SKY Hui.

The way to manage is easy, leave it under the light for air drying, if you insist you washing practice, the coating can be wash 30 times and it can be recoat again.

Technology and Design with style is the future!
Enjoy your life with style, stay cool feel easy, and keep hygiene all the time!

During the high humidity and hot weather, the coating can keep you clean, please wear it as head cover even under the rain it can protect you from rain drop and keep you dry (water re-pelling function).