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Daniil Frants

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Project Description

We are a team of university students, engineers, and medical professionals designing a cost-effective ventilator that can be mass-produced in order to address the impending shortage due to the spread of COVID-19.

Our ventilator is designed to be as simple as possible and built primarily from off-the-shelf components, which significantly reduces individual unit costs as well as factory overhead. Our target price based on our preliminary BOM is $500.

Unlike other emergency ventilators, our design also supports a full range of breath patterns and settings. Other ?simple? ventilators lack essential functions such as warming and humidifying the air, providing PEEP, and detecting patient triggered breaths. These ventilators are incredibly prone to causing barotrauma, especially in COVID-19 patients. Most such ventilators have not undergone review by medical professionals and people with experience in ventilator design ? this is an essential part of our process.

Currently, we have a concept implementing numerous simplifications to the structure of a traditional, FDA-approved ventilator. This concept has been vetted against the design of existing ventilators to ensure nothing essential is removed.

We have tested individual components and are raising funds to contract an engineering firm to do the full assembly (we don't have access to the necessary lab space and equipment). We have vetted an engineering firm that is more than capable of the assembly (their original business was ventilation), and are planning to have them work under the instruction of medical and mechanical ventilation (the BME subfield) experts.

Our initial specifications are provided by MIT E-Vent, but it should be noted that these do not account for the necessary low-pressure, high-oxygen treatment.

We are a New York State 501(c)(3) nonprofit and intend to sell our devices at cost to government entities and hospitals.

PDF deck available ? cannot upload due to file size.