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Nakevia Miller

CompanyGladiator Consulting
Category Graphic Design
Project Description

These designs were developed as part of a community education initiative for the COVID-19 Austin Area Response project by an Austin-based collective, Community Resilience Trust. CRT is a collective of community leaders, non-profits, and volunteers that are focused on making sure that Austin?s response to this crisis is equitable in all aspects, including developing solutions and infrastructure to serve the various communities of Austin that have historically been neglected in emergency response efforts, including African American, LatinX, LBGTQ, Asian America, etc.

This group has set out to tackle major issues, such as mass testing strategy, PPE and emergency food distribution, education, healthcare/testing access, maternity services, social justice, and many other focuses. These infographics are the first in a series of pieces to make information accessible regardless of literacy, native language, and hopefully technology access. Content development for the series is on-going and translation into 5+ languages is underway.

There is a medical professional on the content development team, Dr. Jereka Thomas-Hockaday. She is responsible for ensuring that all information is in alignment with current healthcare best practices.