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Chiara Zhu

CreditsChiara Zhu
Category Graphic Design
Project Description

Instantanea is a self-initiated design project, a social visual campaign that takes a subtle and original approach to playfulness and minimalism, with the aim of facilitating the spread of practical messages for the unprecedented emergency we are living in.

My project uses shapes and colors to build a ?common design language? that expresses and conveys some of the underlying messages that we constantly hear from medical experts, psychologists, politicians, in the fight against the spread of Covid19. By providing instantaneous pieces of advice, ?instantanea? is as a series of messages to help the public protect themselves and cope with psychological effects of self-isolation.

The design tries to give us clear directions on how people should behave towards themselves and to others. At the same time, it exploits the language of design in order to catch the viewer?s attention, trying to be both conceptually useful and visually enjoyable. As said by Alan Moore (2016) ?The act of creating something of beauty is a way of bringing good into the world?. Beautiful design not only attracts but most importantly it helps us survive. This is one of the principles for the social visual campaign I propose here.

The graphics proposed take inspiration from a series of phenomena and sub-phenomena covering the topics of also gender equality, loneliness and civic engagement. I believe in fact that design is first and foremost a tool for democratisation of information and of social gender equality.

Ultimately, the name ?instantanea? comes from the idea of a polaroid, of an instant photo and message that, in my opinion, can make a difference in our society. The design can be developed into a virtual and digital campaign with the brief and instantaneous screening of the messages and visuals proposed.