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Edyn Garden Sensor

Lead DesignersYves Béhar
ClientYves Béhar
Prize(s)Bronze in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories
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Entry Description

Edyn is a unique gardening system designed to
effectively communicate plants’ needs. Stemming into
your soil, the sensor measures the nutrient levels,
temperature, moisture, sunlight exposure, among other
factors, and sends the information in real-time to an
app. By understanding the environment in your garden,
the sensor is able to suggest which plants and plant
pairings will thrive - pulling from a database of over five
thousand plants. Knowing the context of the garden
enables users to grow the best plants and food possible,
as well as save water by always maintaining the
appropriate level of soil moisture for your plants. Solar
powered and Wifi connected, the sensor itself resembles
a beautiful yellow flower, fitting in to the context of the
garden aesthetically while still remaining a distinct unit.
Whether the user is an urban gardener or small scale
farmer, novice or experienced, the Edyn Garden Sensor is
a tool that profoundly deepens the relationship between
plants and people.