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Lead DesignersYves Béhar
ClientYves Béhar
Prize(s)Bronze in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
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Entry Description

The UP MOVE is an accessible transition into wearable
technology, seamlessly integrating into the user’s life
through its modularity and discretion. The core of the UP
MOVE is a compact TR90 nylon pod that acts as both a
pedometer and a sleep tracker. The pod can be used on
its own, in the user’s pocket, or holding it anywhere on
their persons; it can also be inserted into a clip or
wristband – each with its own unique coloring to add an
element of personalization. With beautiful and distinct
patterning that divides the surface into twelve sections,
the pod also acts as a clock by pushing an invisible
button on top – lighting discreet LEDS around the edges
to tell the time. Both stylish and easy to use, the UP
MOVE is a seamless way to gather data around your daily
routines with the most discreet form factor possible.