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Center for Civil and Human Rights

Lead DesignersDavid Rockwell
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

The Center’s exhibition space focuses on telling stories in an experiential manner that engages visitors both individually and collectively. The exhibition space is comprised of two sets of galleries: the Civil Rights galleries and the Human Rights galleries.

The Civil Rights galleries consist of a series of black box rooms that tell the story of this period in American history in a linear manner. A dramatic mix of traditional and multimedia exhibits in a light- and sound-controlled environment offer a theatrical and immersive experience.

The Human Rights galleries are comprised of free-flowing, thematically organized exhibits, encouraging visitors to wander among the exhibits an open-ended manner. A final shared gallery celebrates the accomplishments of these movements and serves as a place for visitors to linger, discuss their experiences, and explore ways to get involved with various causes.

Exhibitions are presented primarily through graphics, immersive projections, individual interactive kiosks, and group interactive stations. These distinct strategies serve to address the varying needs of visitors, as well as provide a wide range of experiences in order to engage them on different levels.