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The Dolce Vita in Blue

Lead DesignersJorge CANETE
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

A historical villa with a contemporary twist
On the island of Capri, the Villa delle Scale is one of the few remaining Caprese villas from the early 19th century. This historical mansion is a typical all-white house surrounded by a very elegant terraced garden.

The main features of the house have been restored in order to preserve its character: old tiles for the flooring and a high ceiling with arcades.

The main concept, however, was to blend the traditional features of the house with contemporary elements.

The result is a combination of antique elements (the old marble fountains) with modern features (furniture, lighting), a mixture of memory and modernity.

The mood in fact takes its inspiration from an iconic period: the Dolce Vita, which here however, as in dreams, is tinted blue.