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Mode Leather New Business Box

CompanyMode Design Group
Lead DesignersDavid Moritz
ClientGabrielle Rein
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

Mode Design Group (MDG) wanted a unique way of
expressing to prospective clients its place as the premier
luxury design agency. To keep our brand front-of-mind and
to overcome the challenge of differentiating ourselves with
prospective clients, we designed collateral with significant
presence, luxury and value.

The solution that resulted is a wood box with a slick, black
leather-clad exterior. Metal-capped corners provide
protection and old-world steamer trunk style. The Mode
Design Group logo is emblazoned on the lid in a pressed
silver foil. Upon releasing the silver chrome clasp, one can
appreciate the luxuriously weighted lid, which lifts to reveal
the rich, royal blue velvet-lined interior with three exclusive
pieces of collateral.

The first item to notice is the signature Mode Design Group
dagger letter opener. The gold “blade” of the dagger is
lined with a trail of dazzling black crystals. The dagger’s
handle shape is a brand signature—the fleur-de-lis. The
handle is finished in dark chrome and accented with yet
more black crystals as well as a discrete, impressed Mode
logo. Its undeniably-Mode style and luxurious feel should
secure its place on the client’s desk.

The second component of this box was the cornerstone in
our efforts. Contained within a piano black lacquer wooden
box is the black chrome-plated pure metal Mode Design
Group gift card for US$10,000 in services.

The final component, a small, black cardstock accordion
reads: “We invite you to experience Mode Design Group” in
gold foil. Opening the accordion reveals glossy photos of
past client work and a message from MDG President and
CEO, David Moritz. In the message he explains the purpose
behind these gifts—to afford the recipient a true “taste” for
the Mode way.