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Lead DesignersPhilip Bourgeois
Prize(s)Silver in Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment
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Entry Description

TelyHD is the first of its kind, plug-and-play videoconferencing accessory for home and enterprise applications. The device's form is designed to compliment modern displays with an understated elliptical profile, low slung linear presentation and a subtle, gloss black and grey color scheme that subtly integrates with its host. The base's fold out friction leg is infinitely variable to fit any television and the software setup can be performed in 10 minutes allowing for families, friends and colleagues to connect painlessly anywhere in the world for free through Skype technology.

The home edition provides a delightful hardware and software experience that enables users which do not have the access to, or confidence with a computer webcam or skype enabled smartphone to connect with others in the most natural way. From the comfort of the couch in high definition on the familiar platform of their television. The wide angle, auto focus camera which optimally fit the living room format also makes skyping more natural for small groups like families and clubs. Privacy shutter and dimmable lighted elements minimize distraction for not-in-use periods. For in-use skyping, distractions are optional as the telyHD supports split screen media viewing and sharing.

The Pro version is a revolutionary videoconferencing appliance that connects with standards-based solutions at unprecedented value. And for businesses that can’t invest in their own video infrastructure, the telyHD Pro provides the telyCloud service, providing features and functions that have only been available until now with a heavy investment in video infrastructure. These include six-way multi-party videoconferencing, document sharing, video addresses, NAT resolution and firewall traversal. telyHD Pro provides an affordable, universal, high-quality videoconferencing endpoint for the estimated 20 million+ secondary and tertiary conference rooms, executive offices and remote offices around the world that do not yet have video communications and collaboration.