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Wes Protein Analysis

Lead DesignersPhilip Bourgeois
Prize(s)Silver in Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery
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Entry Description

Wes is the bold evolution of the popular Simple Western family of protein analysis products.
It refines the platform to a stunning level of simplicity. The ready to use sample trays and disposable capillary cartridge streamlines the user interaction to just a few easy steps. Wes' physical and onscreen UI strip away layers of complexity that results in a simple, natural user experience. The goal was to give the device a personality which was conveyed through illumination that actively transitioned to reflect the system's behavior.

Interior access is intuitively performed with the capacitive touch pad, the no-mess tray and cartridge are easily swapped with the large access area and clearances for all finger/hand operations. Light elements provide feedback for all operations. The empty dock glows orange until the cartridge is loaded, illuminating it in blue when ready. The single LED on the front blinks, glows or pulses when closing, running or finished. On-screen assistance takes the already simplified operation and makes it fun and interesting. Wes even has its own twitter presence, notifying you on your mobile when it's ready to go again.

The Wes form is austere, yet unexpected in color treatment, this relates to the discovery aspect of the device. ”An industrious, reliable look and feel with a little creative energy.” Zero draft, polished walls are unique in this space, with a mixture of clean edges and generous balanced radiuses which evoke an iconic presence in its environment. No extraneous details exist save a thin blue stripe which guides the user to the connections in back.

Wes has indeed set new standards in its market and competitive products are expected to be chasing ProteinSimple's designs for years to come. It's absolutely a standout success. The technology, user friendly parts, and ease of operation eliminates, mess, confusion, and work for its users.