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Oceans7 Paipo Bodyboard Collection

CompanyAqua-Leisure Industries, Inc.
Lead DesignersPeter Santaw
ClientPaul Osimo, David Moccia, Peter Santaw
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
Entry Description

Paipo is a generic term for surfcraft usually ridden prone or
kneeling. The original Paipos were finless wooden boards,
but by the 1960’s had grown to include foam and fiberglass
belly boards with surfboard fins. It's said that Captain Cook
saw villagers riding similar surfboards when he came to
Hawaii in 1778. The boards were 3 to 6 feet in length and
were ridden on the belly or knees.

Our new Paipo Bodyboard concepts retain this authentic surf
feel with interesting shapes and bold graphics, and utilize an
inflatable construction that make the bodyboards more
portable and affordable. But perhaps even more significant,
the inflatable design enables directional steering as the rider
grasps the sides of the board and squeezes to redistribute
the air, thus guiding the board in a new direction. This
emulates the performance of the original “surf mats” used
by generations of surfers.

Images of this project include photography of a surf test
with construction samples of the inflatable boards (these are
plain and dark in color) as well as renderings of the graphic
artwork that will be applied to the final product.

Fresh graphics, innovative designs, convenient portability
and superior performance can now be enjoyed by kids,
teens, weekend warriors and serious surfers alike with the
Oceans7 Paipo Bodyboard Collection.