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Botanicascent Handmade Soap

Lead DesignersJesvin Yeo
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

Organic products are usually viewed as expensive goods affordable only by the wealthy. Working to change that misconception, Botanicascent aims to provide affordable and truly natural body care products. The soap bars are handmade with real ingredients that are safe for all living things while raising awareness of the many benefits of using responsibly wild-crafted, natural and organically grown botanicals.

Intent to make organic products available to consumer in a lower cost and responds to the missions of “eco-friendly” and “cost effective”. The designers designed a reversible soap package that can be used for both the organic and the natural soap bars. Using a single piece of Kraft paper with printing on both sides, the wrapper can also be used as two different product posters for in-store advertisement. Through the affordable strategy, the long-term goal of this project aims to encourage more people to use only natural ingredients that are cruelty free and do not contain harsh chemicals, phthalates, harmful synthetic oils or artificial bi-products. Ultimately, help to create a world that we are proud to pass onto the next generation. Furthermore, the packaging uses 100% recycling materials and foil stamping to support an eco-logical society. Foil stamping is environmentally friendly due to it being a dry process.

Working closely with small-scale local soap makers to promote sustainable living within the community, every bar of Botanicascent soap is handmade by these soap makers to ensure that each of the soap bars is made passionately and infused with the best from the nature. Seeing that traditional or hand crafts production is given way to machinery and factories, this project also seeks to preserve the Oliver oil production of handmade soap technology by creating business opportunities for these soap makers.


Jesvin Yeo, who trained at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, is a multidisciplinary designer who explores natures and consequences of historical and contemporary cultural changes, in particular areas related to Asian Material Culture and Heritage Studies. Jesvin founded Designing Cultures Studio which produced award-winning works that have been featured in international design publications including Wallpaper*, HOW Magazine, Communication Arts, PRINT and Applied Arts, as well as exhibited at galleries and museums in Berlin, London, Washington D.C, Tokyo and Beijing.

Other Awards and Prizes

Among 58 international design awards Jesvin received are the prestigious Red Dot Award (Communication Design), German Design Award, GOOD DESIGN™ Award and iF Communication Design Award.