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Retail Launch Strategy & Innovation – Smirnoff Lime

Lead DesignersShekhar Badve
Prize(s)Gold in Print / Collateral Material
Entry Description

Smirnoff recently launched its new Lime flavored Vodka variant in the Indian Market. However, to be heard in a loud, cluttered market - particularly one that doesn't permit mass advertising for alcoholic beverages - the brand faced a few big hurdles. Another fact was that wine shops are a media dark area; hence there was a limited opportunity for communication.

Smirnoff Lime's burst of freshness, with the taste of fresh green rind of lime, comes with a great flavor and fragrance. Therefore, to establish connect with consumers, the ideal appeals would be to use taste or smell. As tasting/sampling was not possible at retail stores, the agency thought of a spray in order to address the 'smell' part of it. Also, as the consumer had gone to the liquor shop with a purchase intention, this flavor testing/smelling resulted in faster decision and instant sales.

Part of the brief to the agency was also to design and develop visual communication directions as well as to develop, implement and deploy visually appealing dynamic displays, POSM (point of sales material) units, product displays and additional GWP (gifts with purchase) ideas using the launch tool kit.

For this, we created danglers, coasters and Smirnoff Lime menu cards, which have been displayed at bars, clubs and pubs across the two cities.