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Orphans Rising Website

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Multimedia / Website Design
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Entry Description

As part of Thinkso’s inaugural Give a Brand! one day design sprint for charity, we developed a unique suite of fundraising tools for Orphans Rising, an organization that supports child-headed households in third-world countries. In a matter of hours, we came up with a plan, centered around an unconventional website that would differentiate them from other child-focused charities. We made the donation experience more interactive and more focused on the potential that exists for helping these children help themselves. In addition to understanding the story of these orphan heads-of-household, donors can choose to participate in dozens of different ways—from buying a goat to paying for schooling to financing a chicken farm. Best of all, it worked. Since the launch of the site six months ago, donations have tripled. Not bad for one day's work.