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Prize(s)Emerging INTERIOR DESIGNER of Year
Entry Description

Trlllusion - Salone Internazionale del Mobile
SaloneSatellite Milano 2012

Trillusion explores possible relations between furniture and space.
Does furniture define space or is it the extension of space?
How can furniture adapt to space and vice versa?
The three basic furniture elements seating bench, bar table, desk and backwall are arranged in a 6m by 4m space and complemented with graphics on the floor and walls.
The graphics are continuations of the furniture´s built lines and transform the surrounding two dimensional planes into an optical illusion of spatial depth. The effect is the irritation of spatial perception and the extension of the real existing space. The synthesis between furniture and graphics blurs the boundaries between reality and illusion.
Surface becomes space, space becomes surface.

The play of visual irritation and the various accordances between reality and illusion invites the visitors for an active contention with the exhibition space. To explore and verify the actual boundaries inbetween the two dimensions and at the same time imagining
other configurations of the space-furniture relation.


Banozic Architecture/Scenography´s creative ideas originate and develop inbetween architecture, the visual arts and object design. The exploration of the potential interactions between these fields, leads them to the fusion of architecture, furniture, products and graphics. For more than 10 years, Banozic Architecture/Scenography has been providing all architectural services from concept to execution, as well as furniture design, graphic design, exhibition and media design

Other Awards and Prizes

iF communication design award 2017, Interior Architecture
Nominee for the German Design Award 2017
iF communication design award 2016, Interior Architecture
Best Commercial Architect & Interior Designer 2015, Build Magazine
Nominee for the German Design Award 2014
Special mention German Design Award 2014
iF communication design award, Eventdesign 2013
IDA - International design award 2012 Gold winner
AIT Award 2012 Showroom (selection)
Reddot design award winner 2012, Communication design
Best of Year Award 2011, Interior Design New York
iF Communication Design Award 2011 - Fairs and Exhibitions
Nominee for the Great Indoors Award 2011, Frame publishers
iF Communication Design Award 2007- Fairs and Exhibitions
iF Communication Design Award 2006- Temporary Architecture