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14th USP Book Festival

CompanyCasa Rex
Lead Designers
ClientGustavo Piqueira
Prize(s)GRAPHIC DESIGN of Year
Entry Description

The objective was to develop a Poster to promote the
14th USP Book Festival, an annual event hosted by the
University of Sao Paulo in which varied editors sell their
books for a promotional price. The event is directed
towards all audiences, from kids to adults.

For the development of the poster, Instead of depicting
books through pictures, shapes or type — a more
predictable route to take — the poster moves away from
a traditional “book fair” aesthetic presenting a more
evocative design, playing on the concept of discovery of
a “treasure”/message through the bottle icon; and the
multiplicity of the event and its content through the
crow’s multiple heads, stimulating people's curiosity and
their own interpretations.


Casa Rex is a design house with operational bases in São Paulo and London. Working on a range of global projects for consumer brands at the same time as free experimentation with ideas, the design house can't-be-boxed in the traditional "agency" or "design studio" terms. To know more, please access: