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treadmill saver®

CompanyGreen Fitness Equipment Company, LLC
Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Energy Conservation Equipment
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Entry Description

Treadmills either work or they don’t, and most people think that if the belt is moving then the
treadmill is working. This is not true. Up until now, treadmills have not had the benefit of a check
engine light to indicate when there are issues with the treadmills.

Much like our body, when a treadmill runs too hot, it says something is wrong. By measuring amps, we can tell when a treadmill pulls too much electricity resulting in excess heat that is damaging and can be very costly, not to mention dangerous for the user. As the friction increases between the belt and deck the motor has to work harder and requires more electricity, which in turn results in increased heat that melts and destroys electronics. Similar to a well-maintained vehicle, treadmills have an indefinite lifespan with proper service and support.

As the most popular piece of equipment in the gym, treadmills are essential to keep running strong for members. Almost all issues clogged wax nozzles, worn running belts, grooved decks, excessively high electricity bills or treadmill user injuries that expose you to personal liability  can be avoided by using the award-winning treadmill saver.

With 15M treadmills in the world of which 95% are using 50%-400% more energy then designed, the environmental impact is in the billions of dollars. Green Fit Co has submitted to the Department of Energy demonstrating a $100,000,000 savings over three years.

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