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Kenwood Car Audio 2009-2010

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Catalogs
Entry Description

Over the past several years I have worked on the Kenwood Car Audio Catalogs for Europe and Asia. The catalogs were between 34 and 64 pages while spanning 14 total countries. The work done on the Catalogs include design, art direction, Lamborghini photo shoot direction, creative copy writing as well as quite a bit of CG work.


Born on the tropical island of Guam, I grew up mainly in the US and studied Graphic Design & Advertising at West Chester University in the greater Philadelphia area. After working as a Graphic Designer in the US for a short stint, I crossed the pacific and landed in Japan where I currently call home. Connect Inc. Tokyo is where I am currently employed as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and untrained Copywriter.