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Vintage Postcard Light Fixture

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Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Lighting
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Entry Description

The fixtures were originally designed to hang over the bar of a new Authentic Italian Restaurant named La Posta, translating to "The Post Office" giving recognition to the history of the building being a post office from 1920's-1940's. With the architecture being minimal and contemporary in style, and the food often being served family style in this neighborhood restaurant, my solution was to use authentic vintage postcards from Italy between the years of 1920-1940 some having been written on and mailed. The interior structure supports the cards and are simply secured with small compression rivets. The result is a fixture that evokes nostalgia and intrigue time and time again for the viewer. The size of the fixtures in the photo are 10"W X 25" L but I have made them smaller as well.


Her training at schools such as California College of the Arts, Rhode Island School of Design and Pilchuck Glass School has taken her innate sensibility for the blending of order and beauty and marshaled it through a disciplined way of seeing the world. She takes a whole systems approach to design. She considers everything from the environmental impact of the project down to the sensitivity of the connections within the project. She creates site specific installations and products that "up-cycle" as much as possible, reusing materials and giving them new life, or using a common material in new ways. In the end, she strives to create designs that delicately blend form and function with dramatic simplicity.

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