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Xi'an Silk Road International Conference Center

CompanyToryo International Lighting Design Center
Lead DesignersDongliang Xu, Heping Wu, Nailiang Shi, Yong Jie
Design TeamLi Yuan, Shiling Han, Zhiyu Chen, Qiaoyun Hu
Project LocationXi'an, Shaanxi Province, China
ClientXian Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd.
CreditsPhoto by Hongyi Lou
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
Entry Description

The Silk Road Conference Center is an elegant and square-structured building. Thus, its lighting design adopts a rational, concise and detail-oriented approach based on the concept of "the floating moonlight box". During the day, all lighting fixtures are invisible, hidden within the building structure. At night, they together light up the crescent-moon shaped eaves evenly. For visitors nearby, soft and comfortable lighting that connects the interior and the exterior space forms an open and welcoming entrance. From afar, the illuminated white crescent-moons become city's landmark nightscape.


Founded in 2005 and based in Beijing, TORYO International Lighting Design Center is a professional design firm specializing in urban lighting planning and architectural lighting design. Led by Chief Designer Xu Dongliang, a passionate explorer of the lighting environment, TORYO has assembled a team of talented lighting designers across the country, accomplished many outstanding lighting projects, and obtained recognition both domestically and globally. There are 60 designers in TORYO Beijing, the headquarter, as well as five branch studios in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Xi'an.

Other Awards and Prizes

IES AWARD (Illuminating Engineering Society): Illumination Award of Excellence for Outdoor Lighting Design 2016 for Harbin Grand Theatre Building Lighting