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Don Majestic Hotel

CompanyGuevara Ottonello Architects
Lead DesignersNatalia Ottonello
Design TeamIan Guevara and Natalia Ottonello
Project LocationAv Roosevelt PDA 6, Punta del Este, Uruguay
ClientDon Majestic Hotel
CreditsPh Nacho Correa Bellino
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Hotels & Resorts
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Don Majestic Hotel is a new hotel in Punta del Este, designed by Guevara Ottonello Architects

In the Design of the Hotel, the main objective was to create a sculptural and unique architectural shape, an innovative design, an Icon. Looking for that moment when architecture transcend itself. Trying to express poetic in architecture.

Light and transparency, as a pure and curved shape, are main aspects of the project.

In Don Majestic Hotel, the main objetive and challenge was to design with poetic, with courage and with passion, the sculptural shape of a Punta del Este Architectural Icon.


Guevara Ottonello Architects is an interdisciplinary architecture and design studio, that emphasizes excellence, innovation and uniqueness, in every project.
The studio has designed projects on every scale, including residential, commercial, Hospitality and interior design.
A main objective of the studio is to honor the Architectural Design, as the art of space, designing always with passion, dedication and courage, creating designs that innovate, and transcend. With a strong commitment to improve the quality of the environment, and to design with poetic, excellence and innovation.

Other Awards and Prizes

Guevara Ottonello Architects won, with Don Majestic Hotel, the following awards:

-Winner / Iconic Awards 2020 / Innovative Architecture / German Design Council

-Finalist / Archmarathon Miami 2020

-Honorable Mention / Architecture MasterPrize

-Best Hotel Architecture Uruguay / International Property Awards 2020-2021 /

-Best Hotel Interior Uruguay / International Property Awards 2020-2021

-Special Mention / German Design Awards 2021