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Duende Gallery

CompanyDecode Urbanism Office
Lead DesignersC.H.CAN
Design TeamLI Yashuai, LAI bingqiang, LIU Hongyuan
Project LocationShunde, Guangdong,China
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

Duende Gallery mixes the vertical circulation with the exhibition zone by folding the lobby space with a triangulate folding surface system made of stone. Consisting of a group of stairs and platforms,the folding surface creates not only a three-dimensional exhibition system for the art pieces but also an art space through transforming the lobby which was a solid glass cube originally into a dynamic space by which it brings a unique experience for the customers. To strengthen this experience, a tiny hallway, as the beginning of the gallery circulation, is added next to the magnificent lobby.


Decode Urbanism Office Ltd., founded in 2010 by Chunhoi CAN, has offices in Beijing and shenzhen, China. DUO,consisting of Decode and Urbanism , in which Decode corresponds to design research with advanced digital methodology, including design studies that do not aim at short-term results while Urbanism corresponds to specific architectural projects of different scales, and the design range covers various fields from interior design, architectural design, landscape design to urban design.