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Iconic Mosque

CompanyStudio Bassal
Lead DesignersHazem Bassal
Design TeamHazem Bassal
Project LocationDubai, UAE
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

Although the form isn’t of a typical mosque, it impeccably functions like one, fulfilling the need for user segregation, orientation towards Mecca, and all the nuanced program requirements. Made up of layered shells, the largest one doubles as a dome typical in a mosque, also as a mihrab pointing towards Qibla, and a shield against thermal gain that shades the building. The resulting sculptural form poses as a monumental Mihrab, a seashell, or a pearl (in a tribute to the city's pearling heritage), all while capturing the essence of Islamic architecture with its minimalist geometric character.

Other Awards and Prizes

Architecture Masterprize™ 2020, (Honorable Mention). [2020]
Architectural design - Cultural Architecture Category, for “The Iconic Mosque” project.

IDA International Design Awards™ 2020, (Bronze Award Winner). [2020]
Architecture - Conceptual Category, for “The Iconic Mosque” project.