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Otemon Gakuin University Academic-Ark

CompanyMitsubishi Jisho Sekkei
Lead DesignersYasuhiro Sube
Design TeamTetsuya Okusa, Tadamasa Iwamoto, Keisuke Aneha, Shunichi Osaki, Kyosuke Nakamura, Ikki Nagasawa,Tetsuya Mikami, Hiroki Seki, Shigenori Nambara
Project LocationIbaraki City, Osaka,Japan
ClientOtemon Gakuin University
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
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Entry Description

In an era of improving internet technology, we designed the campus to let students experience the excitement of learning and revitalizes the local community.
The campus is open to the community, with a central plaza designed for a range of encounters and experiences surrounded by the studios. A library above the plaza, forming an interior space that is lively. The corridors surrounding the library are equipped with books and desks to encourage student’s activity.
University that create conversation through the energy and lively voices inside will continue to have lasting appeal in the future.


The roots of Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei lie in the Marunouchi Architectural Office, the architectural design firm founded in 1890 which designed Japan’s first modern office building, the Mitsubishi Ichigokan (Building No.1). Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei has led the development and renewal of the Marunouchi district across three generations, allowing it to bring unparalleled experience to bear in architectural and urban development projects throughout Japan and the world.

Other Awards and Prizes

AACA Encouragement Award
Architecture Master Prize
THE PLAN AWARD 2020 (finalist)