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Intergenerational Weave Annual Report

CompanyInsight Creative
Lead DesignersBrian Slade
Design TeamBrian Slade, Josephine Ross, Alice McKeown, Claire Evans, Emma Thompson, Joanne Otto, Kirsty Drummond, Steven Giannoulis, Mason Smith
ClientNZ Superfund
CreditsChris Davison
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Annual Reports
Entry Description

In response to the client brief, we developed the single-minded concept of Intergenerational Weave: a bold & aspirational visual narrative to bring a sense of connection across documents & pages.

The concept is driven by the Māori world view: the future is shaped by our past actions, today’s learnings & for tomorrow’s benefit. Colour & strong linear lines are used to tell this story, creating weaves you may find on traditional baskets, panels and garments. Images speak to multi-generation & weave pattern graphic devices become story-telling mechanisms & supporting background textures.