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Tianjin Zarsion Exhibition Center

CompanyRUF Architects
Lead DesignersQian Mingbo
Design TeamSong Xinhua,Wu Meihong, Rao Zeming, Ji Changshuai
Project LocationTianjin Municipality, China
ClientBeijing Zarsion Holding Group Co. LTD
CreditsHu Yijie
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

The design started with the roof, and we initially tried to use symbolic architectural language to establish a connection with the historical environment. This is like a crystal clear water drop quietly dissolves into the endless winding river. However, with the gradual development of the narrative, metaphorical polysemy emerges.

In terms of layout, the water drop shape is placed diagonally into the site, which not only elongates the moving line from the city interface to the entrance, but also makes the water drop shape more intuitive in front of the eyes.