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Vanke YIXIN Lake Art Pavilion

CompanyJHD Architecture Design
Lead DesignersJiang Ning, Jiang Meng, Ding Hui
Design TeamGao Qingya, Xie Xiaomin, Sun Wei
Project LocationChengdu, China
ClientVanke Group
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

The project is planned as the core landscape of the area, and the reasonable utilization of landscape resources is the origin of the design concept. The open flow guidance settings for the public and the necessary flow guidance settings for the building users form a flowing space from the inside to the outside. The building is in the pure geometric form of triangle, with a large area of natural space as blank-leaving. The organic combination of function and form not only completes the external "type", but also shapes the internal "space".