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Suzhou Riverside Community Center

CompanyLacime Architects
Lead DesignersSong Zhaoqing
Design TeamChen Lingfeng, Zhang Chao, Liang Yingwen, Cai Renxue, Chu Ziyuan, Guo Dan, Wu Minqi, Yan Lei, Wang Yuge, Liu Yueyi, Guo Dan
Project LocationSuzhou, China
ClientChina Railway Construction Real Estate
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
Entry Description

The community center is located in Suzhou. It functions as a place of interaction and service for residents in surrounding areas, and it is designed to present life in an artistic manner.

The building consists of three blocks in stacking arrangement: the light grey first-floor block is flat and lies slightly in the water to receive visitors in three directions; the silvery block floats over the first floor, and its transparent folding design unfolds gently towards the canal, showing that the landscape embraces itself.