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Foshan Poly • OPUS ONE Exhibition Center

CompanyZhubo Design Co.,Ltd.
Lead DesignersYang Weizhong, Liu Wubin,Ye Xiaojuan, Guan Guozhong, Lai Shengqi, He Jiaying
Design TeamZhang Jianmei,Lai Shengqi,He Jiaying,Feng Weina,Liang Jingfeng,Luo Wei,Chen Xiaojun,Lin Yuqiang,Ren Yaobo, Li Enrong;Landscape:L&A Design;Interior:CCD
Project LocationFoshan, China
ClientPoly South China Holdings Co., Ltd.
CreditsZhang Xuetao
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

The project’s design concept comes from 3 aspects: city and nature, logic of space generation, and human behaviors and activities. To better crystallize the concept, the team created corresponding spatial features of “urban stage”, “varying views at each step”, “virtual and real”, “protruding and set-back” and “open and close”. The structural details of sun shading, rain protection and ventilation are improved to adapt to the climate of Lingnan region. The community atmosphere shared with the city is what we originally want as a “community constructor”, and also what the city desires.