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A/W '20 - La Femme

CompanyMadame L
Lead DesignersLaTasha Cobler
ClientNew York Fashion Week
CreditsPhotography by Manda Tyler Sparks
Prize(s)Silver in Textile And Materials / Handmade, Bronze in Pret-a-porter / Women, Bronze in Haute Couture / Women
Entry Description

MADAME L's new Autumn/Winter '20 RTW collection is a celebration of feminine strength, a prelude to the feminine fire that rests within. It's an awareness of what is and what comes next. A recalibrating. Each piece, artisanally handcrafted from carefully curated and sustainable fabrics, highlights a different persona of what Creative Designer, LaTasha Cobler envisions as the modern power woman. Fused with modern feminine touches, intricate details, and captivating silhouettes this collection is a celebration of feminine power while highlighting the alluring elegance of modern women.


LaTasha "Madame L" Cobler is an American designer and internationally awarded artist known for her carefully crafted bespoke styles, a mixture of art and culture fused into fashionable statement pieces women around the world have come to covet.

Known for her distinctive, one of a kind pieces, each style is carefully crafted and designed using artisanal techniques and thoughtfully curated fabrics.

The essence of Madame L pieces exhibit beautiful, detailed craftsmanship made for the modern woman.

Other Awards and Prizes

2019 - International Design Award - Silver in Haute Couture / Women
2019 - International Design Award - Bronze in Apparel Category / Runway Collections