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Nanjing Sundy Delightful Mansion

CompanyBelt Collins International (Hk) Ltd
Lead DesignersWen Yanjie
Design TeamBelt Collins International (HK) Ltd
Project LocationNanjing,China
ClientHangzhou Sundy Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landscape
Entry Description

The building in the exhibition area has 3 floors in the form of rotating blocks. The building facade is formed by combining light-colored aluminum plates with glass. The landscape design adopts a modern design style, extracting the artistic and dynamic elements of the landscape of Jingling City, and infusing the painting style of Song Wenzhi, a modern painter of Jinling Painting School, into the project demonstration area. Multi-dimensional landscape walls were created in the form of polyline, combined with the water features of the site, forming a dynamic outdoor interactive artistic space.