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Shenzhen Shenwan Street Park

CompanyShenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design Co.Ltd(China)
Lead DesignersFengYueqiang,ZhuJie
Design TeamYeQing , XiongHaiyan , ZhuYingdi , LuoJiachen , LiYongxuan , ZhangChangrong , LuSiwen , ChenJianling , NieYunfei , Xie Jianwei,CheDi , XuChuanyu
Project Location Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China
ClientShenzhen Metro Vanke Investment Development Co. Ltd.
Credits’Photo by:Zeng Tianpei’
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landscape
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Entry Description

The Park features a well-established public space system comprising diverse public green spaces, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and slow traffic system.
Thanks to the eco-solution for water storage and purification, the Park can reuse the harvested rainwater for greening irrigation and replenishment of water feature. An iconic windmill converts the wind power into motion energy, and pumps up rainwater harvested in the wetland into the aqueduct, the starting point of the waterscape. The Project embodies the connotation of sponge city and implements a perceivable sponge landscape system.