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Banshan Park Belt

CompanyHope Design & MLA+ B.V.
Lead DesignersAntonio Inglese
Design Team秦操,陈有如,梁晓怡,杨丽子,孙亚菲,刘奕杭,王岚涛,Martin Probst,Pinar Bozoglan, Luca De Stefano, 谭力,孙传志,孙晓露,余艺,Lujia Zhu
Project LocationShenzhen, Guangdong
ClientShenzhen Yantian District Government
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landscape
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The strong identity of the Banshan Park Belt as a whole is made up of patches, networks and nodes. These key elements respond to the contextual differences within the Park Belt, and intertwine with each other to make program, activities and accesibility strongly connected to the local needs of people and nature, and to make sure the “loading” capactity of the Park is not exceeded.