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Moon in the South Lake-the Chinese Residence

CompanyGreentown-Leap Architecture Design Co.,ltd.
Lead DesignersAnxiang, Bao
Design TeamWeijian Xia, Kani Tang, Da Li, Zuohong Lai, Yuxiao Deng, Guojian Gu
Project LocationHangzhou, China
ClientZhong An Group and Green-town Group
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Residential Building
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The low-rise residential building adopts Chinese classical architectural style. The elements such as square cornices, white walls and black tiles, flower-wood fence walls, and moon screen walls express the traditional architectural tones of "simplicity, elegance, lightness, and ease".
In the form of a Chinese-style courtyard residence, the courtyard is enclosed by buildings, corridors and obscure spaces, introducing dry mountains, waterscape, and plants into it, and providing residents with an elegant and private courtyard life.