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Xi’an Vanke •YAN MING LAKE

Lead DesignersZhiying Hu
Design TeamCai Jinxian, Zhang Keqiang, Zhang Hongguo, Huang Mengting
Project LocationXi'an, China
ClientVanke Xi'an
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
Entry Description

The architectural style is modern and simple, and its shape draws on the trend of mountain and lake. On 2F, an 18-metre-long viewing platform is formed through a spiral structure. The grey space under the platform acts as public urban area.
The “blank” front court has an egg-shaped mirrored stainless steel sculpture above the water surface, reflecting views of the overall site and natural environment from multi dimensions. The project is used as sales center at the early stage and then as the public space. With rich natural resources of Yanming Lake, it’s a picturesque lakeside experience hall