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Renovation of Intime Wulin Department Store

CompanyUDIA Architectural Engineering Design( Shanghai )Co.,Ltd.
Lead DesignersKiko Leong
Design TeamClaire Xie(Project Manager), Claire Xie, Gehry Shen, Ning Xia, Shifu Xing, Yafang Shen
Project LocationHangzhou, China
ClientZhejiang Intime Department Store
CreditsPhotography: Terrance Zhang
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Retails, Shops, Department stores, Mall
Entry Description

Intime Wulin Department Store renovation focus on changing the overall architectural image. Streamlined roof beams and arches, as well as uniform frame modules are the highlights of the design. One-layer continuous arches form a unified business interface the use of uniform modular design ensures the integrity of the three buildings and enables them to possess distinctive characteristics for the sake of structural variety.