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White Deer Plain. Mountain land resort hotel

CompanyGuang Zhou Hui Yi Ming Cheng Architectural Design Co.,ltd
Lead DesignersLicheng Wu
Design TeamLicheng Wu, Huade Chen,Lihua Yan ,Xiaoming Wu, Liping Huang
Project Location West white deer yunshui tai project, North balin road, Baqiao district, Xi 'an
ClientSiji Yuanmai cultural tourism co. LTD
CreditsLicheng Wu
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Hotels & Resorts
Entry Description

The linguistic symbols of architecture reflect the continuity and rhythm of the whole thought. Through the change of sunlight and shadow let the viewer have different experience. The use of metal plates highlights the unique charm of architecture.


HYMC specialize in public space design, such as restaurant, hotel, and club, and crossover creative art works.
Insist on originality, break the constraints of our times, and express true emotion.