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Femme Fatale

UniversityWillem De Kooning Academy
Lead DesignersQuint Verhaart
CreditsPhoto by: Olivier Mul & Olga Simonenko
Prize(s)Gold in Footwear / Special Purpose Shoes, Gold in Footwear / Evening Shoes, Gold in Accessory / Footwear
Entry Description

The pair of high heels are inspired by the deception camouflage of the Lionfish, these unique shoes are a metaphorical statement of the harm the Lionfish and humans cause on the coral reef.
It is made from real Lionfish fins in combination with salmon skin leather.

We are trampling down the coral reef by local and global sources and the Lionfish adds up to this major problem. By being a threat to the underwater ecosystem and taking over the coral reefs and fish populations, makes this fish more deadly than ever.

It represents the Lionfish in a shoe of exquisite beauty and hidden consequen


My fascinations lie within the influences of nature because it influences our lives and is a great inexhaustible source of inspiration and new experiences. As a child, I have always been collecting objects from nature to investigate the layers, constructions, structures, and textures. I still contribute to this obsession with land and water in my design process. My design specialization can be found in womenswear, digital print, and textile manipulations. Here I find my freedom in creativity.