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Shanxiao Sales Pavilion

Lead DesignersLarry Wen
Design TeamLiu Chen,Li Pengyong, Niu Zhuojun,Yang Kaiqi
Project Location Chongqing, China
CreditsHuang Ligang
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
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Entry Description

Located in Nanshan, Chongqing, China, the designer covered the sales pavilion in an ethereal and flowing facade. The architects refined the traditional architectural culture and natural landscape of Nanshan as the main concept for the project,aimed for visitors to experience the artistic conception of ‘hidden in nature.’The use of modern technical language combined with artistic creation techniques transformed the pavilion into landmark building in the area.The facade uses the perforated plate as the louver to protect the sunshine, and its shapes are inspired by the clouds of Nanshan.