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The metamorphosis of human

UniversityThe Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Lead DesignersChen Yingyi
Design TeamPhotographer: Zhiming Li, Model :Quansi Liu
CreditsMetamorphosis, Leather,Biodegradable plastics
Prize(s)Gold in Apparel Category / Garment Concepts
Entry Description

In concepts of mutation and evolution,this design are based on exaggerated animal skeletons and designed to fit the body which is grounded in a unique visual interpretation of animal anatomy, building upon existing skeleton structures to create it that appear as natural properties of the human body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality—a cross-image of human and animal, an atemporal, supreme creature, beyond past and future.The design was handcrafted with degradable plastic, leather, hair.Leather and hair are form recycling. Eventually this design was broken down into a new cycle.


YingyiChen is currently a graduate student majoring in fashion design. Her works have a certain pioneering nature, her works are the combination of different materials of craft research, showing a unique temperament.She is good at stage costume design, and has close cooperation with Guangzhou Modern Dance Company and Guangdong Song&Dance Ensemble in stage costume design and production.

Other Awards and Prizes

2019, “STYGIAN”, the special award, sino-french saint-etienne design competition, Guangzhou/China.
2020, "Transfiguration" and"Precious Skin", the Third Prize , the second CFDC innovative future design competition,Guangzhou/China.
2020, "Hair & Skin", "The metamorphosis of human", excellence award ,The second CFDC innovative future design competition,Guangzhou/China.
2020, "Hair&Skin", "The metamorphosis of human",bronze,2020CADA International Conceptual Art Award.
2020,"Precious Skin" and"Transfiguration",bronze,2020CADA International Conceptual Art Award.