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Swisshouse XXXV

CompanyDavide Macullo Architects
Lead DesignersDavide Macullo
Design TeamDavide Macullo, Lorenza Tallarini
Project LocationRossa, Switzerland
CreditsPhoto by Fabrice Fouillet
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / House
Entry Description

SWISSHOUSE XXXV is part of a broader project of artistic and architectural interventions in the Calanca valley in the Swiss Alps. This valley already hosts some of our works, and this new modest structure addresses the essence of the architect's commitment to create a bridge between the DNA of a place and its future through the construction of the territory. In these ancestral places we discover primary energies to which we respond. The awareness of the work of those who have preceded us promotes actions of total integration in the context, even through small deeds such as the SWISSHOUSE XXXV.