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Fusion • Fuzhou

CompanyShanghai PTArchitects
Lead DesignersHu Qiao, Cheng Biao
Design TeamWu Haojie, Huang Zhuojun, Chen Bin, Fu Gang, Peng Wanyi, Li Huimin, Wang Yunzhu, Yang Li, Hou Xianwu
Project LocationFuzhou, Fujian Province, China
ClientYANGO (Fuzhou Branch)
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
Entry Description

Surrounding two old banyan trees, three architectural blocks with different functions are set on the site, together forming a "U" shape and a semi-enclosed courtyard space. The project integrates art, commercial activities and leisure, and emphasizes the interaction among nature, architecture and people. Combining glass, stone materials and local terracotta bricks which are organized in a way that leaves gaps in between, the architectural exteriors feature the contrast of the solid and void, and present diverse visual effects with varying light and shadows.