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Fengsheng 101 Tower

CompanyGwp Architects
Lead DesignersGuowei Zhang(John)
Design TeamGuowei Zhang(John),Jackle Luo,Ben Huang,Leo Liao,Vivian Cai,Lei Chang,Ronghua Li, Huven Hua, Jian He, Vensen Zhu, Zerun Mo, Wei Gu, Tao Wei, Shanshan
Project LocationGuangzhou ZengCheng, GuangDong, China
ClientGuangzhou Fengsheng Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
CreditsGWP Architects
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Mix - Use Architectural designs
Entry Description

Located in Guangzhou, the project has a construction area of approximately 81,000 sqm and a height of 200m, including a wide spectrum of programs mentioned above such as hotels, office spaces, apartments, and retails.
Through the relationship between the two mutually-supporting building volumes and the core embedded within them, and with precise control of the aspect ratio of both the building and the core, the overall structural stability and wind resistance are enhanced at the same time as floor areas are efficiently used to generate fully-spanned space from north to south.