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Quanzhou Public Cultural Center

CompanyTongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
Lead DesignersXiu Yang
Design TeamXingru Chen, Chen Bian, Xueting Ge, Jiajun Wang, Yue Ma, Xiaqing Xu, Xinghua Gu, Wenjing Ge, Yiting Du, Xiaoxiao Wang, WenjingCai, Shiyu Wei
Project LocationQuanzhou, China.
ClientQuanzhou Public Cultural Center Investment and Operation Co., Ltd
CreditsPhoto by: Fei Yan
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
Entry Description

Quanzhou Public Cultural Center is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China. The lighting design takes "Quanzhou Moonlit Night , Erythrina Blossom " as the design concept, emphasising on the curtain walls' lighting of the four buildings and the interactive lighting of the central square sculptures, so as to achieve the "integration of building and lighting". The design difficulty of the four buildings is how to use light to show different characteristics of the curtain wall skin to shape the place spirit of cultural buildings.