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The Magic Box

CompanyLink Design+BOX2GO
Lead DesignersShang Hong
Design TeamLiu Bing, Yin Zhen, Zhu Chen, Teng Ganchu, Yuan Yongchao, Lin Xuefeng,Li haiyang
Project LocationNational Swimming Center,Beijing,China
ClientBeijing BOX2GO Technology Co., Ltd
CreditsPhoto by Link Design
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Sustainable Living/Green
Entry Description

To implement “Olympic Agenda 2020” for sustainability, we abandon disposable temporary facility , changed retired containers, by modularization and standardization, into "Magic Box" which are 11 sets of changing rooms for 2022 Winter Olympics curling teams in National Swimming Center.
The life of boxes continues before, during and after the games , being real Olympic heritages operated continuously full life.
Not designed only for games, it’s gonna be "Transformers" in different scenes, being self-serviced coffee shop, public lounge, waxing room, park toilets, offices, or hotel in campsite.