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Viewing Platform of Nujiang 72-turnings Canyon

Lead DesignersYoucai Pan, Xu Du, Renzhen Chen, Zhe Yang
Design TeamQinmei Hu, Xiangxin Ge, Yi He, Yuanjun Gou, Xinyue Liu
Project LocationTibet, China
ClientBasu Tibetan Dongyuan Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landmarks, symbolic structures, memorials, public
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Entry Description

The project is a viewing platform is situated on the edge of a cliff nearby the national Highway G318,overhead Nujiang River with 100m altitude drop.
The main structural form is steel truss structure system and steel frame structure system, made of high strength steel.The weathering steel is the response to color of Tibetan culture,also stand out from surrounding environment.Through the combinations of weathering steel plate and glass curtain wall, the project forms more material changes, and provides a wonderful display platform of the rough landscape.The project will be completed this year.