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Bizzy Robotics Home Robot

CompanyWhipsaw Inc
Lead DesignersDan Harden
Design TeamZachary Stephanchick, Akifusa Nakazawa, Wei Gu, Elliot Ortiz
ClientBizzy Robotics
Prize(s)Gold in Media And Home Electronics / Robotics
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Bizzy is a one-arm service robot that handles chores like picking up laundry, fetching drinks, and watering plants. We designed a compact and attractive robot with a wide range of motion that is finally affordable. Bizzy’s computer processes information in real time—commanding its battery-powered kinetic system to perform tasks, while its sensors let it navigate safely in any home environment. Artificial intelligence gives Bizzy a personality and lets it guess and accurately respond to unknown situations. Bizzy is a manifestation of integrated hardware, software and human-machine interaction.